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Shantui Wheel Loader

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ShantuiSL60W/SL60W-2Wheel Loader

1. Shantui SL60W/SL60W-2 Wheel Loader

The best feature of the SL60W series, other than its sheer size, is its tubeless tires that offer deeper treads for greater traction. It offers all the advantages of the 50W Series but with upgraded performance, strength and efficiency.……

ShantuiSL50WAWheel Loader

2. Shantui SL50WA Wheel Loader

The SL50WA features greater mobility and turning radius thanks to a shortened wheel base.It has all the power and lifting force of its cousin. It also sports a novel fuel tank that swings out for easier filling.……

ShantuiSL50WWheel Loader

3. Shantui SL50W Wheel Loader

The SL50W series offers a choice of three engine types: Weichai,Shangchai and Dongfeng Cummins.This machine offers tremendous stability and has pilot controls designed for reduced work intensity,and is Shantui’s best seller.……

ShantuiSL30WWheel Loader

4. Shantui SL30W Wheel Loader

The SL30W, at the mid-range in size and performance, offers autolubrication in the bucket and arm joints. It comes with a choice of three engines: Xichai, Weichai Deutz and Dongfeng Cummins……

ShantuiSL20WWheel Loader

5. Shantui SL20W Wheel Loader

From the SL20W on up, Shantui wheel loaders offer the latest safety features,such as the anti-explosion design inthe engine compartment. They come with various adaptable fittings such as pitch forks, timber forks, side dumping hoppers, rock……

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