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Yutong Mining Truck

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YutongYT3761Mining Truck

1. Yutong YT3761 Mining Truck

1. This product has a high loading capacity, reaching the maximum tonnage of the tri-axle mining truck in the same industry,and the use of a reasonably configured power train and a high-strength frame which has undergone the finite element ……

YutongYT3621Mining Truck

2. Yutong YT3621 Mining Truck

1. Advanced design conceptsThis mining dumping truck is developed on the design concepts of construction machinery products, by utilizing the finite element analysis software and the powerful scientific research capacity of universities, an……

YutongYT3581Mining Truck

3. Yutong YT3581 Mining Truck

1.High reliabilityWith accumulating the technology of military enterprise for 50 years, executing the military standard quality management system and stream line assembly production of military products, the products of Yutong were attached……

YutongYT3622Mining Truck

4. Yutong YT3622 Mining Truck

YT3622 is the mining dump truck developed on the base of YT3621 with the natural gas as fuel. In addition to the original advantages of YT3621, YT3622 possesses the following advantages to become the low service cost truck for special zones……

YutongYT3623Mining Truck

5. Yutong YT3623 Mining Truck

1.High reliabilityThe high quality and high performance Cummins engines supply the high power and reliability to bring your truck with better power.2.High load bearing capacityThe special axle for mining trucks independently developed by Yu……

YutongYT3801Mining Truck

6. Yutong YT3801 Mining Truck

YT3801 is the double front axle steering and four-axle wide dump truck developed by Yutong. It has the following unique advantages:1.Economical and practical, higher efficiencyWith accumulating the technology of military enterprise for 50 y……

YutongYTG50Mining Truck

7. Yutong YTG50 Mining Truck

1、Overall FeaturesAs the high profile off-road vehicle, YTG50 rigid mining dump truck employs the widely approved Cummins engine, Allison transmission, hydraulic power steering system, double cylinder hydraulic lifting system, oil and gas……

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